Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. In March Ladies From came forward with a month-long campaign, Women – of Infinite Worth, عورت تیری ذات سے ہیں سارے سلسلے honoring women from all aspect of life.

Women Empowerment

Women- Of & Infinite Worth 


Campaign started with a successful Zoom event organized by Tamkeen as a panel discussion with corporate coaches, NLP certified trainers, writers, bloggers, and motivational speakers, Kiran Shah and Sadaf Tauqir. Sadaf Ather, Head of Tamkeen, and 1st Happiness Editor in Khaleej Times Saman Haziq kept the discussion interactive.
The main objective behind the event was to motivate and guide home-based ladies
to be confident and manage family and business together to be a successful

About Us 


This pandemic united us in a different way, by isolating ourselves we try to keep us and our community safe. Ladies Forum came up with a unique way to be in touch with our members, by introducing our Departments, Team Heads and Valued Volunteers.

Our Social Media played a vital role in this campaign throughout the month by contributing, Women of Strength success stories, posting short videos, poems and articles about life changing experiences and daily reminders for motivating the community.



Some relationships are near to our heart and rank above all other bonds. One such connection is between a mother and child. Motherly love is valued as the most unconditional form of love. Ladies Forum honored all mothers through, not one day but Every Day is MOTHER’S DAY.

Our Honehaar’s creative youngsters expressed their love to moms and made a point to share with everyone that not one day, but Each and Every Day Is Mother’s Day, through cards, poetry, messages and drawings.

Women Wellness Workshop


The webinar was the last part in the series of “Women…. of Infinite Worth,” Campaign. Women Wellness Workshop was conducted by Dr. Summia Naz, a BSC, Ph.D., an integrative health coach on the 28th of March, 2021. Rehab Farooq started the webinar with Quran recitation. An interactive workshop, in which Dr. Summia covered topics such as Mental Health, Developing Healthier Habits and Techniques/Knowledge in Enhancing Youth and Vitality in life and highlighting the effects of stress and how it destroys us. She explained the benefits of slowing down our lifestyle by pausing, followed by thinking and reflecting, ways to regulate our emotions, by exercise, diet and resetting our health through Sunnah Fasting, Brain Plasticity and Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Throughout the workshop, Dr. Summia carried out various exercises with the audience to help them apply the knowledge into their lives. The second session was conducted by Shumaila Minhaj, a Nutritionist and a Motivational Speaker. She enlightened the Value of Good Health and mentioned free resources that are easily accessible everyone. She ended the session by emphasizing on educating our kids on maintaining good healthy habits.

Ladies Forum would like to thank all the volunteers for helping in serving the community. Your willingness to give so freely of your time and service is greatly appreciated. Your support and hard work allowed us to introduce Ladies Forum and its initiatives in a new and innovative way. This has allowed others to understand what Ladies Forum works towards and we have started seeing more individuals now taking interest in our initiatives. All this would not have been possible without your time and support. Thank you once again.

Feedback & Reviews

“JazakAllah for such inspirational and motivational discussion, which has awakened our inner courage to do something in a better way, stay blessed with much more success Ameen”
“Masha Allah, Masha Allah so Motivational….we need such type of motivational inspirational counselling on regular basis…. learned a lot…. It’s changed my mind and gives me energy to cope and deal with my doubts…. best wishes and lots of duas”.
Anum Imran

“Assalamualykum all Today’s Tamkeen session was beyond words. More than corporate training I felt they were teaching the art of living: building self confidence and self-esteem plus resilience. More of mind play and mind challenge Barakallah feek Tamkeen team for great efforts. May Allah accept all your efforts and put alot of barakah Ameen”.

Khadija Maklai