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Volunteers are the backbone of any organization. To make our volunteers more productive and energized we arrange several programs to motivate them through this journey of giving their precious time and efforts to this cause. Their humanitarian assistance and dedicated contribution is thoroughly acknowledged. We also organize programs to encourage the readiness and establish the culture of voluntarism in the community.

Past Volunteer Programs

Workshops and Lectures

In January 2020 Sister Farida Jalil delivered a lecture on the topic of moral values and Sister Azra Asif conducted a workshop on the topic of “how to be a good friend”.

In February lecture about “commitment” was delivered by Sister Shahzareen Mohammad and workshop was conducted by Sister Sameera Salman on the topic of “connect effectively”.

Our volunteers were further given an opportunity to further enhance their skills and learn the root of their services to our organization. A series of 6 online training sessions were organized from 9th Aug ‘20 to 25th Aug ’20, designed and taken by none other than a very well known and a very humble orator Alima Nadia Sadiq. These sessions were a reminder for our volunteers about the real meaning of devoting yourself in the service of our Creator

Social Activity Amidst COVID 19

As pandemic has hit hard on social activities, our volunteers are still happily socializing on Ladies Forum WhatsApp groups to stay connected with each other and help each other during times of depression or anxiety.

To make our volunteers more productive and energized during Ramadan 2020 a short explanation of one juzz was shared with them daily. Short Q&A’s were also shared to help them understand the Quran better.

Eid ul Fitr was not the same as it used to be so E-Eid meetups were arranged by Ladies Forum management on WhatsApp groups. Our volunteers’ participation was marvelous. They all shared best wishes and pictures of their delicious food with each other.