Ladies Forum presented a month-long Social Media Campaign named “Bahimmat Raho, Salamat Raho #Covid Care Campaign” which Started on 1st February 2021. Covid – 19 pandemic has had a major impact on everyone’s life and the aim of the campaign was to create awareness and outreach in the community and to support them to cope with the stress in a healthy way by becoming more resilient.


Lets Win It Together!

The slogan of the campaign was LET’S WIN IT TOGETHER. To make the campaign more interesting and to dispense maximum knowledge on COVID, everyday different topics were covered to provide ample knowledge to the sufferers and the survivors. Multiple professionals contributed in this effort by providing medically, morally, and psychological support. All the on going initiatives of the Ladies Forum contributed simultaneously to engage the community with positivity and productivity.

  • COVID & Vaccine Awareness
  • Precaution & Cure
  • Medical Advice & Other Queries
  • Facts & Latest Updates
  • Positivity & Productivity/ COVID Stories
  • Religious Aspect

The Welfare department helped through their initiatives :
AZAM – helping the parents and children with special needs to work together as groups and arranged activities that were both calming and productive in these unfortunate times of stress and anxiety.
EHSAAS – as the word suggests arranged FREE Psychological / Spiritual support sessions to make sure we supported our affected loved ones (Members & Volunteers) by sending “EHSAAS GIFT BASKETS” or helping out loved ones in an organized way maintaining the safety measures as per the UAE government. Special Thanks to Dr. Kahkashan Faheem (Specialist Family Medicine), Dr. Azka Mujeeb (Ob/Gyn) and Fariha Khan (Health Counsellor) for providing services and important information for our viewers.
Our Education Department – MASHAL shared numerous hadith and verses from Quran about the disease and pandemic situations through the religious conviction. Tips for cure of the disease through Tibb e Nabawi were also shared to encourage people towards the Sunnah medicine.
Our Initiative TAMKEEN helped women from all walks of life, encouraging them to attain proper guidance and knowledge of entrepreneurship in the comfort of their home, to bringing change in the community by becoming a helping hand to the bread winners of the family.
PAN KITCHEN our cooking group (Cultural Department) supported by sharing healthy recipes like “Immunity Tea” and “Energy Date Balls” etc. They also arranged “Healthy Cooking Competition” and shared delicious recipes while the winner’s received gifts sponsored by HUNARKADAH.
HUNARKADAH – “Himmat e Zan Saqafat k sang”, the initiative supported the under-privileged local women entrepreneurs, helping them showcase their products (handicrafts) and market them in better platforms to increase their livelihood.
HONEHAAR – our initiative for our kids. The pandemic has had a strong effect on our children with anxiety that was not supposed to exist in their tender minds. Our team initiated online programs and activities to engage children to come out of their boring house arrest feel.

The daily posts were rotated on our social media channels and official WhatsApp groups which gave birth to our new initiative WRITER’S CLUB, which will now collect creative writing content from women and will further give them the opportunity to develop their writing skills. We were able to get more audience to like, subscribe and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which ensured our success through this campaign as we tend to come up with different ideas to attract audience towards our aim.

A highly informative and enlightening webinar session was conducted on 3rd March 2021 via Youtube Live. Scholar Aalima Nadia Sadiq represented “Covid -19, A believer’s Response” in which she guided and discussed about how a believer should deal with depression and anxiety, with painful demise around. and reliance in positive, mind and soul.
However, Dr Aamerah well comprehended Covid-19 in “Know all about the Covid Vaccine” session. She proficiently explained the necessity to take vaccine and its process. She further cleared myths and doubts about the vaccine and answered all the queries. By the end of the session a heart wrenching story was shared by a sister of her near death experience “Ventilator Survivor” that proved to be life changing for all the listeners and forced all, towards self assessment. The session was a success with 505 views.

We used our social media platforms to engage public through “share your story”, where they shared their journeys in the distressing pandemic lockdowns or coping with the disease, Important information was provided by health professionals by sending videos to provide guidance and awareness which included Tips to stay calm, make efforts to conquer the disease, awareness of the pandemic, Vaccine myths and Religious support etc.

Feedback & Reviews


“Sooooo happy to see this Mashallah
A small gesture of love and care from the Covid Care Team
May Allah bless all efforts of all who helped”

“JazakAllah khair for sharing, May Allah bless every person in this world. a better life every moment and best hereafter.. With the firm faith in our heart and mind that only Allah can help in any situation.”

“JazakAllah hair for sharing this with us. I can’t stop crying.”

ما شاء اللہ “
اللہ تعالیٰ قبول فرمائیں اور دنیا اور آخرت میں کامیابی عطا فرمائیں

“Immunity with Emaan”

“دلوں کو چھو جانے والی کہانیان ہیں”

Very extensive program”

“Hats ? off to you and your team Mashallah!!”