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To provide the opportunity of sound knowledge on strong foundations through different classes, courses and events so that women can meet their full potential of productivity towards the betterment of community.

The Education Department of Ladies Forum, believes in creating a strong bond between the religious teachings to our mothers – as builders of the nation and our youth – as our future. This being our motto, we successfully carried out multiple courses and activities with an approach towards balanced growth of total personality including the rational, spiritual and social dimensions which benefitted both mothers and the children.


Our aim is to keep you and your young ones connected to the book of Allah (SWT). We believe that educating women means educating generations. So we have planned series of classes for women, along with special programs on specific occasions under the banner of Mishal (the very first initiative of Ladies Forum). The courses are designed to help them play their role in society as good Muslimah and a useful citizen.

Kids and youth courses are also an important part of education mission of Mishal. Ensuring that the new generation of emerging Muslims understand and deepen their knowledge and practice the Deen through: Values, Knowledge, Harmony, Cooperation and Support

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Ongoing Regular Online Classes ( Currently Online)


Our regular Tuesday classes are the core of our Education Department, where we interact, and get along with new people under the umbrella of Quran which makes it more special. Course includes:

  • Tajweed Rules in a very unique manner that makes it easy to understand and apply while reading.
  • Tafseer of Quran – not for the sake of knowledge only but our kind teacher Sadia Shahid makes the students cordially attentive and eagerly practical to what they gain.
  • And the short lecture series on miscellaneous topics is a cherry on top, making the whole idea of practical implementation of knowledge more comprehensive and doable.
  • Limelight of the class is Student’s Corner, which is to encourage, to build confidence and making them realize the responsibility as a Muslimah.
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After the huge success of previous years Arabic Grammar and Seerah Course, this year the course continued with Advance Level with quizzes and projects to keep the students involved. Course includes Grammatical Analysis of Qisas un Nabiyyeen by Ustaza Abyaz Armaghan and Islamic History by Dr Aiza Ali Khan.

Keeping in mind the covid situation, the course is designed in semester system to make it easy for our students to attempt the exams.

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 The sessions in this Journey are designed  in such a way that the girls can easily cope up with these classes along with their schools and colleges, yet engaging them enough to stay connected to their roots and explore more about Islam. Last Juzz along with it’s Translation and Tafseer is being taught to the girls. Along with this, Basic Arabic Grammar is being explained to them to give an understanding of the language of the Quran. Prophetic Duas Session helps them get to know about our Prophets, their seerah and how to practically implement their duas. Last but not the least, we conduct Personality Development Sessions in an interactive manner. Every Saturday, an average of 46 young minds trust us to take them along through ‘The Enlightened Journey, by instilling moral and ethical values, The Enlightened Journey aims to educate and prepare our young girls into being the torch that not only enlightens their surroundings but also, generations to come. Along with imparting Islamic knowledge, our teachers ensure that their students get awareness of the on-going worldly affairs. Through various modes of learning such as quizzes, debates, lectures, skits and knowledge-based activities, our girls actively participate to achieve the best of both worlds.

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 The Little Scholars , as the name suggests is all about bringing up our little ones to become bright, skillful, Scholars of the future. Our goal is to develop our children with strong , out spoken personalities and with the perfect balance between Deen and Dunya. We realize how important it is for children to develop a strong connection with the Quran and Sunnah since their early ages and therefore we plan our lessons based on Stories of the Prophets, morals of the Quran, tadabur on the creations of Allah and now even the last 10 surahs from juzz Amma , in the most child friendly way possible. The Little Scholars class on Saturday’s can probably be best described as a complete one and a half hour of fun, interactive learning fused with arts and crafts, games and quizzes all to build up our Muslim youngsters. We also have some amazing competitions from time to time, such as a memory check drawing competition based on what they have learnt, nasheed recitation and so on. The competitions held are always very appealing to the children as we encounter a very energetic participation from their side and receive a very good feedback as well. We also conducted a Kids Corner last week, where the children participated whole heartedly as they were given a chance to come forward and speak on a moral they had learnt from the Quran. The Little Scholars teams constantly strives to come up with new ideas for the effective tarbiyyah of our children, to understand their needs and bring them closer to Allah swt and Islam in their young and delicate age.

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Journey of Knowledge

Learning simplified: unfold the perceptions of Quran with basics.

Every Sun 9:00am to 11:00am

Learning with passion:  comprehensive understanding  of Quran with Tajweed, Grammar Rules, Muslim Heros, Duas, Calligraphy, etc. .

(Mon to Thurs 9:00 am to 11:00 am)

Come to success: valuable insights from each Juzz

Every Sat: 2:00 to 4:00pm

Arabic language, Character building activities, interactive sessions, tips on daily implementation and learning soft skills are highlights of the courses.

Saturday course is especially designed for working and university students keeping in mind their schedules and eagerness to learn Deen.

These courses are conducted with proper punctuality, tests, quiz and certificate upon completion.