Ladies forum welfare department took an initiative of the “Ehsaas” program to create a behavioral healthcare system that can provide quality mental health services to promote psychological well-being through direct counselling and awareness programs to individuals in our community. Ehsaas also caters to empower people of determination to through education and support to enable them and their families achieve their maximum personal, social, emotional, and vocational level.

In April we started the free online counselling sessions for mental and spiritual health with our experts, which benefited many individuals. In May we also started free online counselling sessions that provided healthy advices from our experts to stay determined in the pursuit to support the parents.


Our Team

Kulsoom Khan
Somiaya (Appointment booking)
Hamna Waqar (Appointment booking)

Our Panel 



Fariha Khan
Fathima Altaf
Yumna Batavi
Yasmeen Showkat
Naseeha Shaban


Huma Waseem
Nayab younus


Salja Sadath
Sidra Sheikh

Speech Therapist

Helga Robby Alex
Riddhi Mapari

ABA Therapist

Miss Sumaira

Occupational Therapist

Hima Jayakaran
Hajra Zafa

Our team of psychologist provide counselling for People with depression , anxiety ,panic disorder and other stress related problems.We also provide marriage counseling and other relationship related issues.
We provide online therapies with speech therapist, occupational therapist physio therapist and ABA therapist.

Awareness webinars on topic like parenting and autism have been conducted under this initiative.

Ehsaas: Free counseling for mental health issues.

Ehsaa starting date 16th  April- 2020 97 requests till now.

Providing counseling for mental health issues. All professional volunteer dedicating their time to provide free counseling.

Community Awareness & Support Webinars


Emotional well-being during lock down by Dr. Kanwal


Emotional well-being during lock down by Dr. Kanwal


Giving A New Meaning to Parenting session 1 by Dr M Shafique Tahir


Give a New Meaning To Parenting - Session 2


Give a New Meaning To Parenting - Session 3


Give a New Meaning To Parenting - Session 4



“Thank you for your support. I feel like someone is there to listen to me now without any materialistic benefit. May Allah bless you with best in every phase of your life.”

“Hi, very good evening. Thank you for your arrangement for supporting my son as they develop, we appreciate your efforts.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the support and help that I received from Ehsaas during my most difficult times. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to you for helping me pick up pieces from my scattered self/life. May Allah shower His choicest blessings on you all and help you ease others’ pain and guide them. In sha Allah of I ever need help, I will contact again”.