Weekend Classes

Girls’ Weekend Classes 

The Ladies Forum always focuses on the needs of youth and determine to give them more learning opportunities. Girls’ classes were launched. These classes are very dynamic in nature, to pick leaning objectives as per need and situation. our teachers designed the curriculum for the reminders from the Quran to boost the imaan and spread positivity among our bright and enthusiastic girls. These classes opened a new door to self-realizations and encouraged them to find the treasures of religion and apply them in their daily life.

This year will our special Girls weekend classes. This year the classes include:

  • Basic Arabic Grammar
  • Personal Development Sessions
  • Knowledge Based Activities




Loving the Islam classes! They have helped us a lot in having a better understanding of Quran. All the segments are equally amazing but the segment we enjoy the most is the hadeeth part when we and our fellow friends are given a chance to speak and then the session where teachers raise awareness about a certain topic. Sahar Farooq and Sara Farooq.

Sahar Farooq and Sara Farooq

This class provides a platform for girls with similar backgrounds, struggles, worries and goals – to meet, befriend and grow. It allows them to focus on building strong personalities, essential characteristics of every Muslimah, traits to integrate for the Ummah to thrive being steadfast in the face of trials.

Maryam Shahid & Asma Shahid