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Honehaar (in collaboration with Ladies Forum page on Facebook and Instagram!!
Initially a great and purposeful cause for community that was needed to build special trait in kids where they were able to share their toys and books by posting the availability and the other kids benefited from that. All for FREE!

The idea was to encourage our kids to attain empathy and learn to share.

Now, Honehaar works towards training our kids (Aged 6 – 12 years) in a fun way where we intend to provide them with useful content to help them to use social media positively in this digital era. Numerous activities are posted by kids with the help of their parents share their talents, hobbies, creativity and much more and become a source of inspiration to other kids and encourage them to make the most of their quarantine time or pastime productive against boredom. The activities include:

  • Live videos of cooking/ baking
  • Arts craft
  • Talent hunt
  • Healthy facts
  • Story telling
  • DIY (decorations) activities
  • kids’ theme videos (etiquettes indirect learning)


We, the Honehaar team have a huge responsibility to educate kids in a fun way to help them become strong and responsible. In addition to this we also share parental tips with mothers, which will help them in positive upbringing of their child.



As social media is taking over schools and means of education and training, we feel the huge responsibility to educate kids about how to make a modest appearance on social media.

Our initiatives include:
Theme Based Educational Videos.
Theme Based Educational Activities.
Learn Urdu Through Stories.
Parental Tips.

Our Team


Team Head

Atiya Abdul Mateen
Team Members

Ghazala Talal
Ayesha Fahad
Barera Nasir
Syeda Konain

Creative Writing

Mommy & Me

A lovely theme of Mommy & Me, ran throughout the month of February, with the idea of how mothers can make special bond with kids by engaging and doing activities including painting, cooking, baking, reading and moreover to develop and increase the love of Allah and Prophet (s.a.w.) by reading Quran and Prophetic stories together.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Workshop 

Under this theme Honehaar had a special live Creative Writing Workshop in Feb by, ICF certified Life Coach sister Humera Nasim and her lovely daughter Dua Farooq (10-year-old author). They shared valuable tips with both mothers and kids about the benefits of reading and to how to instill the productive habit of creative writing. The idea of a live workshop turns out great as kids were excited and eager to learn about it.


About The Coach


??????? ?????, CEO of Dream Weavers C&C Services, Founder of Humaira Nasim Life Coaching and Author of the book ??????????: ??? ??????? ?? ????? ?????, ??????? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ???????????? ???? ????.
Humaira is a computer engineer who lives in Dubai with her husband and two children. She is an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and NLP Master Coach accredited by ANLP (Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She offers coaching and workshops enabling others to reach their highest potential using a hybrid approach, with a blend of traditional and contemporary wisdom of both the East and the West.

Message From The Admin


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
My name is Atiya Abdul Mateen. I m from Islamabad and resident of Dubai since 15 years. I did my graduation in English literature and History from Punjab university.

I believe even with limited knowledge and resources it’s my duty to serve community in every possible way. Ladies Forum of Pakistan association Dubai has given me this wonder opportunity to spread knowledge and positivity among mothers and kids through our amazing Facebook page Honehaar.

Our vision is to provide best and safe platform to mothers to share their views and their kids talents with us and become source of inspiration for others. We aim to provide mothers with best parenting tips for positive upbringing for our future generation

I am thankful to ladies Forum and my wonderful team for making this vision come true.

Together we will grow and shine in sha Allah.


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