Journey of Knowledge

Increase your knowledge with confidence…

“Journey of Knowledge” is a journey with chain of classes and events to teach and coach students of the Quran. Under this program, students are given basic Islamic teachings with proper discipline, attendance check, tests, quizzes and activities. Registered attendees are given certificate with a choice of one year or two-year course duration.


To impart Islamic knowledge through effective teaching with technology.


To empower women with Islamic knowledge to play an essential role in the formation of the society.


Courses Description?

Come to success

Basic yet beneficial, brief yet interesting, once a week yet rewards unending.

A short descriptive Journey of Quran through the Valuable Insights chosen from each Juz along with essentials of Recitation rules, fascinating stories of Muslim Heroes and Powerful Important Supplications. A weekend course on every Saturday for working ladies and young girls.

Journey of Knowledge

Elaborate yet Easy, Variety of subjects yet captivating, enlightening, and elevating, Solutions to your Questions will no more be pending, a little effort from you and it is surely going to be promising.

‘Learning Simplified’ and ‘Learning with Passion’

We have two beautifully designed courses, focusing on studying the Qur’an to boost Imaan. ‘Simplified’ is the one with Basics, unfolding the perception of Qur’an alongside beautifying Qur’an recitation and Daily Supplications.

Once a week only for one year while the other course with Passion’ additionally includes Seerah, Calligraphy, Character building, Knowledge on pillars of Islam, Arabic Grammar and a lot more interesting topic.

Four days a week, for two years.

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All major topics were explained so well with day to day examples, made me understand Quran better, and has brought me close to Allah. 

United Kingdom

This journey of Quran helped me cure my depression in lockdown


These classes have helped me learn many things which I wasn’t aware of. Alhamdulillah.

My Mother Passed away last week. Quran class taught me to be patient in difficult times.
Knowledge is essence of religion

Journey of Knowledge Courses

Increase your knowledge with confidence…