A skilled based program through which Ladies Forum aspires to provide a woman only space to ladies of all ages with a chance to develop skills which can be used as a means of self-expression and self-improvement. Our plan in the future is to continue offering productive, fruitful yet fun filled Lifestyle Coaching Programs to our Ladies Forum members, which aims to empower women with a vast variety of skills.

Paint Along Course

Realizing the difficulties being faced by women during this pandemic we successfully launched an online course in Acrylic Painting as a first initiative by lifestyle coaching team.
Our art instructor, a renowned self-taught Calligraphy artist, Ms. Rubab Zahra who started practicing in 2017 has already conducted a couple of exhibitions and workshops and was also featured on Khaleej Times for her outstanding work conducted a two days long course packed with colors, creativity and lots of art related information assisting the budding artists to enhance their skills

Henna Design Course

Ladies Forum Cultural team arranged a Henna design course led by Henna artist Asma Javed. The aim of the workshop was to develop the hidden art skills in women and to show their own art icons. The course was a success, especially among teenage girls for their love of Henna all year round.

Calligraphy Course

Ladies Forum organized an Arabic Calligraphy Course, the artistic practice of handwriting, which carries a great importance in the Muslim World due to its links to the Quran. A skillful course was conducted by famous calligraphist Ms. Rubab Zahra.

About The Coach


Rubab Zahra is a professional Calligraphy and Abstract artist. Her moniker styles of painting are Abstract Art as well as Traditional/Modern Arabic Calligraphy and fusion of both art forms. Inspired by current events, social issues and cultural values she mainly focused on “Women and Family Empowerment”.
Rubab aims to conserve the Sacred Art of Arabic Calligraphy; hence her work consists of traditional Islamic, Arabic art series and to connect it to the modern world she has developed modern and contemporary versions of it.
In a fairly short period of time, Rubab has accomplished considerably well as a self-taught & self-representing artist. Her work has been published in Khaleej Times, BBC MENA, WKND Magazine, City Times, Gulf today, ARY News, Geo News and multiple other media. She has done 2 Solo Art Shows at Pullman, JLT Dubai, UAE in 2019 and in 2021 exhibited her artworks in Novotel, Dubai, The Canvas Hotel Dubai, IRC Gallery Sharjah and Pakistan Association Dubai-Dubai.