Essential Cooking Skills


Pan Kitchen is an initiative taken by LF during lockdown in April 2020 with the name of Pan Ramadan in WhatsApp group. Later the name was changed to Pan Kitchen and starting Jan 2021 it was shifted to the Facebook.

This group was created to engage the community during the time of pandemic. Many virtual competitions were organized during lockdown and prizes were given as well to the winners.


Our Mission

*Encouraging women and girls to cook with love for their family and managing kitchen in style.

*Enhance community participation through kitchen related tips and home transformation ideas.

*Providing a competitive platforms to shine using culinary art skills.

* Help community women entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses.


Key Initiatives

*As of we have organized many weekly ‘Recipe of the Week’ competitions and provided members to shine on our social media pages

*We also had some special occasions competitions like 14 August table decorations, Eid special dishes, RabulAwal quiz on zoom and many more.

*We invited our special occasion competition winners to PAD and awarded them in a ceremony.

*Our competition are sponsored by our entrepreneurs and we ask out member to tag sponsor pages. This has helped our sponsors to get new clients from our group.

* We collaborate with our LF initiates like Azam, Tamkeen etc. for the benefits of our community.


How It Works?

This platform works in many ways. We consider cooking as means of showing affection for the family. In addition it can act as the therapy in case of someone missing the social life. This is a place where the women can share their cooking talent, present their food presentation skills and participate in different contests to shine at community level.

We use this platform for the licensed entrepreneur as well. They can become a sponsor of our contest and promote themselves in the community.

In our group we give a opportunity to the member to come live in facebook and share their cooking skills.



“I would like to express my appreciation for the Pan Kitchen initiative as it provided a great opportunity for Pakistani ladies to express their talent at a larger forum. In another perspective, I feel it also enables all the new housewives to learn and try new dishes by looking at practically done recipes. Last but definitely not least, this group introduced me to some of the great ladies!” 

House Wife

Pan kitchen group was made during COVID pandemic lockdown! It became very informative and useful during those days as we got lots of recipes from it! I personally made many dishes taking guidelines from the respected group member’s videos. I really appreciate the efforts that the group admins & team are doing for us to motivate to try new dishes in our kitchens! Thank you so much for your sincere efforts.” 


“JazakAllah for adding me to this group. I learned so many new recipes!!!”

House Wife