Sports Club


Ladies Forum started all-time favorite racquet sport, Badminton Club. Classes are held by female trainer once a week for women of all ages. The purpose of this club is to improve and perfect the playing skills of women, to get them energized in a fun and friendly indoor environment.

#40 Days Weight loss Challenge


Catering to the needs of the society in these unsettled times, Ladies forum launched an initiative on 15th July 2020 to inspire our ladies to get fit and healthy.

For 6 consecutive weeks, participants were joined to a WhatsApp group after online registration with complete measurements, diet, and exercise data to be monitored by experts throughout the Challenge. Ladies were motivated to stay fit as part of a team with constant tips, videos and meal plans by our dedicated volunteers’ team. Activities included were, live exercise sessions were broadcasted by fitness coach, Dr. Maryam Shirinova from SAHFC at PMC. Dietician, Sister Maryam Shahid provided with nutrition planning through recipes, food journals, daily reminders and motivation quotes

Award Ceremony


A small and socially distanced Prize Ceremony was held to acknowledge our coaches and appreciate our winners to aspire people to join and help us grow.

Feedback & Reviews


“I recently joined the Weight Loss Challenge which was organized by Ladies forum. It’s a great initiative taken by the team to introduce it in these challenging times where the weight gain has become a norm of the society. Its conducted online as well in person and the information shared till now is very informative and easy to implement. Exercises and challenges are easy to work out. I really look forward to seeing more of these lifestyle initiatives by the Ladies forum in the future “– MARWA.

“I am really impressed by the proposed plan for 40 Day Weight Loss. It’s so well rounded and includes everything in moderation. I’m really looking forward to see the progress of its participants.” FITNESS Coach, MARYAM.