Tamkeen Business Support Group

Tamkeen is an initiative taken By Women For Women. It focuses on enhancing and polishing home-based entrepreneurs on various grounds to enable them to stand steadfast in their startups or online businesses during the Covid Economic Crisis. It nourishes them to be confident by knowing their value, skills and bringing out the best they can by free one-to-one consultation done virtually.

What do we do? 

Platform for WOMEN strength & courage

  • Coaching Session
  • Trainings
  • Regular Support
  • Presentation
  • Collaborative Growth
  • Offers for Members

How do we Help? 

Platform for WOMEN strength & courage


We particularly help women entrepreneurs who are seeking to start their own business or are in a business that is declining and require our help to analyze it.


Our Vision 

Essence of our work…..

Reaching out to all the women in our communities and becoming a pathway for them to realize their potential in the world. We strive to create a welcoming community that accepts women from all phases of life and in turn, helps them achieve their goals leading to a positive world.


Our Mission 


Quality education and workshops in terms of entrepreneurial work.


Regular one-on-one sessions leading to an efficient transition into the business.


Supporting women to reach their goals.


Provide regular training on digital marketing and various other skill development trainings.

Message from Tamkeen’s Head


My name is Sadaf Ather and I am heading The Tamkeen Initiative of our Ladies Forum. I am also working as The Vice President of the Ladies Forum and Board Director of the Women Empowerment Committee of Pakistan Association Dubai. I am not an entrepreneur myself but an Educator. Pakistan Association Dubai is my second home where I can serve humanity with the support of my Ladies Forum Team. I have been volunteering with PAD for the last 11 Years. Alhamdulillah   This is my passion to serve the community and help those women who have been afflicted with Covid Economic Crisis badly. During the pandemic “online” is a word that everyone knows. We want to mentor women who are positioned as homemakers to be an entrepreneur online.

Alhamdulillah Pakistan Association Dubai has given us a shade of umbrella under which Ladies Forum is grooming ladies and serving humanity.

I am thankful for the commendable efforts of Tamkeen Coaches and Volunteers who are making women empowered and confident to play their vital role in society positively.

Meet The Coaches


Meet Haseeba Mohsin

Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Member of ICF.

Meet Nida Habib

CEO Creative Trends And Designs FZ-LLC.

Meet Kiran Shah

International Artist, Author and an NLP Master Coach and Trainer

Professional Coaching Providing By


Nida Habib

My name is Nida Habib. Mother of three, MBA by profession and certified trainer. I am working as a full time teacher in American School of Creative Science and a CEO for my E-Commerce Company named “Creative Trends And Designs FZ-LLC”. Alhamdulillah being an independent woman throughout my life, I strongly believe in women empowerment. I understand that every woman is different, surviving in different circumstances, coping with several problems at the same time, thus, I design training programs and counselling sessions that can help women utilise their skills and available resources to optimize possibilities and opportunities. Recently, I have conducted a training course with Tamkeen, Ladies Forum PAD where we have discussed the opportunities for women, where they can start their own business on Amazon or serve as Virtual Assistant for other businesses while staying at home. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to engage with Tamkeen for the coming days. In Sha Allah, in the coming days, we will planning more fruitful trainings. Jazakallah.

Haseeba Mohsin

Haseeba Mohsin is a women empowerment coach at Tamkeen. She did her Bechlors in Human Resources in Business. Masters from University college London and MSC in Occupational Psychology. Certified Personal Development Coach, Member of ICF, Master Practitioner in NLP
Holds 4 years experience in different sectors of Education, Pharmaceutical and IT.

Kiran Shah

Kiran Shah is a women empowerment Coach at Tamkee,author of her internationally released book “Pink Shoes and Jilbaab” and an artist. She holds a Diploma in Islamic Education and has taught in various religious and Character building courses. With expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release, Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching, she aims to help women become more confident and independent versions of themselves. Kiran Shah was regarded as one of the “Women at the Helm” by Khaleej Times in 2018 and featured for her book Pink Shoes and Jilbaab in 2021.

Diversity of Entrepreneurs



Baked Goods



Arts & Crafts

Sunnah Products


Tabassum Nazir

JazakAllah khair to all sisters, volunteers of Tamkeen members. I am grateful to tamkeen department of Ladies Forum who gave us this opportunity to introduce our businesses.
It always gives a positive feeling and motivation after attending any event organized by Pakistan Association Dubai
(members, volunteers). BarakAllahu feekum
May Allah make it easy for everyone and give barkat in their rizq and time and reward them both in dunya and akhira. ameen

Fathima Faiaz

Alhamdulillah with help of Allah we had our first face to face meet up of the tamkeen members. It was indeed extremely beneficial and very productive and very motivating meetup.
What touched me was….here was an organization who wanted us to grow and had been giving us free counselling sessions and providing us with all the tips for a start-up and not only that but also generously hosted us and even gave us gifts.. …all this only for us….. I was blown by their genuine concern and desire to help us bloom ….their resoect and their conduct … showed me more about the true charecter of Muslim and a role model.


JazakAllah for such inspirational and motivational discussion, which has awaken our inner courage to do something in a better way, stay blessed with much more success Ameen

Ameena Chand

Tamkeen is an informational platform. Helps thinking out of the way. Very motivational to uplift a soul. May Allah reward you immensely.


No doubt it was a great talk. Especially all the team members of tamkeen are so sincerely trying to help us. I really feel that tamkeen is like a family to me.
I appreciate concise training on E-commerce. Sister Nida is very good trainer, has full command of her subject and she promptly replies to our quires. Thanks a lot for holding this training.

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